Newport Lacrosse in Bellevue, WA serves boys grades K-12 living or attending school within the Newport High School attendance boundary. Newport Lacrosse plays in the KingCo Conference and the Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL).

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UPDATED 2/28/22

We are well into spring practice for the youth teams, and the HS will begin later this month.  Obtaining fields has been a major challenge this season, and accordingly, there is quite a bit of variability in our youth practice schedule. Please review your schedules carefully, as there are often changes in start times and locations from week to week. We have tried to keep things as consistent as possible, however, we need families to be dilligent about checking practice times/locations each week.


If you need directions to any away games or field, please go the formal schedule page, and you can then click on any field and the website will provide directions.   On the menu bar above, click "Team" --> "Schedule", and then select your team.

Scroll down to find your team's schedule.



Begins February 28, 2022
7-9 pm at NHS Stadium
Throughout the whole season


Monday 2/28 - 6:30-9:00pm
Tuesday 3/1 - 6:30-9:00pm
Wednesday 3/2 - 6:30-9:00pm
Thursday 3/3 - 6:30-9:00pm
Friday 3/4 - 6:30-9:00pm
Saturday 3/5 - 2:00-4:00pm - Uniform Distribution*

Understand that it may be cold for practices for the first few weeks of the season, so plan accordingly. This list below is what you need at practice:
All of your Lacrosse Equipment
Running Shoes
Your own Water (no sharing water bottles)
Mouth guard
Mask (not required to play with one, but have one in case we go inside)
Short Stick (every player needs a short stick. If all you have is a long pole, I will have a short stick for you)
Black shorts (We will be issuing out practice gear on Saturday along with uniforms. Once practice gear is distributed, it is required at all practices. Until then, please wear black shorts to practice)
White, Black or Red Undershirts (please wear a school color under your equipment. we do this to like a team)

Beginning of Practice Outline:
6:30 - Warm up/Run on the track (bring running shoes)
6:50 - Gear up
7:00 - Field set up (1 goal in each crease, pylons set up, ball bucket at each restraining line, all bags and extra gear lined up along the fence behind our Home sideline)
7:05 - 2 Lines, full lap 4 to 5 lines for single line drills. Goalies to cage for warm up shots
7:15 - 1st drill

Uniform Distribution Saturday 3/5:
Please bring a deposit check for $250. We will hold on to that check until we collect the uniforms back at the end of the season. Upon returning your uniform, we will destroy the check.








Email with any questions.