Newport Lacrosse in Bellevue, WA serves boys grades K-12 living or attending school within the Newport High School attendance boundary. Newport Lacrosse plays in the KingCo Conference and the Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL).



Newport Lacrosse COVID-19 Guidelines

Newport Lacrosse is dedicated to allowing our players to return to the field.  Our highest priority is the health and safety of our players, families and coaches.  


Governor Inslee and the State of Washington currently list King County in “Phase 2” of re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Newport Lacrosse has reviewed the guidelines of the State, as well as recommendations put forth by US Lacrosse and the Bellevue School District as it pertains to returning to play during the COVID pandemic.  While we would all like to return to prior levels of practice and competition, Newport Lacrosse must act in accordance with state and local guidelines in effort to keep players, coaches, and families safe.  Our goals, at this point, are to continue (or resume) conditioning with small, socially-distanced groups to improve hand-eye coordination, footwork, and shooting skills.  We wish to improve cardiovascular and lacrosse fitness for enhanced physical and mental health.  We want our players to rebuild, maintain, and improve fitness and skills so that we are ready to resume regular play when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Washington State Phase 2 Guidelines allow up to 6 people to gather for sports and fitness.  Exposure for COVID-19 transmission is higher when within 6 feet of a sick person for more than 5 minutes.  To keep players and coaches safe, Newport Lacrosse Fall Ball will follow these guidelines:

Pre-Field Preparation:

  • Avoid carpools/vanpools
  • Player should wait in cars until just prior to the start of practice
  • If playing in the second or third session, please allow exiting players to clear the field and check-in area before leaving your vehicles
  • Players dress in gear in their cars. (Leave gear bags in car)
  • Only bring stick, helmet, gloves, face mask, mouth guard, and water bottle to field (cinch sack ok to hold bottle)
  • Masks are to be worn on the sideline when not playing & walking to and from cars
    • Masks should cover nose and mouth at all times
  • Youth players will be assigned a pod based on grade level at practice 
    • Players will be in the same pod with same players for the entire 8 weeks

Field Arrival/Check-In:

  • Players will keep face mask on during check in until they get to their pods
  • All players will have infrared laser temperature check prior to stepping on the field (a temperature less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be required to play)
  • Answer COVID survey questions – receive sticker if cleared
  • Players will use hand sanitizer after temperature check
  • Players will maintain at least 6 feet distance between players/coaches at all times
  • Once checked in, players will go to their designated field pod.
    • Cinch sack with water bottle and mask may be placed on the sideline
    • Get helmets on (remove masks if desired)
    • Wait on the field for coach’s instructions
    • Maintain 6-foot distancing between other players and coaches
    • No handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps, high-fives, or direct contact with other players or coaches.


  • Minimum 6 feet distance between players and coaches at all times
  • No contact of any type
  • Required face masks for staff, coaches, and designated adults serving as hygiene support
  • Athletes may wear a face mask during lacrosse activity (but not required)
    • Face masks should cover nose and mouth
  • No huddles
  • No pre- or post-activity in-person meetings
  • No handshakes, high-fives, fist-bumps, or direct contact
  • One parent/guardian spectator per minor on sidelines.
    • ​Maintain 6-feet social distancing from others
    • Must wear mask
  • Follow instructions of parents providing hygiene support
    • If you are found to repeatedly violate these guidelines, you will be removed from the field.  Repeat offenders will be dismissed from the remaining sessions.

After Session:

  • No congregating or additional play on the sidelines
  • Please collect your cinch sack, remove your helmet, and put on your mask
  • Use hand sanitizer as you exit the check in table
  • Go directly to your vehicle
  • See you next week

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines.  We realize this is suboptimal, and we are anxious to return to regular play, however we value this opportunity to bring our players and coaches together, and must do so in a manner that keeps everyone as safe as possible.

*Parent volunteers will be present to assist with guideline adherence.  Players that disregard the guidelines will be asked to leave the field and go home that day.  Repeat offenses will result in dismissal from the remaining sessions without refund.

Resource Links:

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